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Public Speaking Courses

Our public speaking courses help young professionals and entrepreneurs to develop the skills to deliver engaging presentations in their context. These courses are all delivered in a safe and encouraging environment where each person, no matter their confidence level, feels seen and empowered to be their best.

Expect our courses to be challenging, interactive, and fun, equipping young professionals to become impactful leaders of tomorrow.


Our Courses

Our 1:1 coaching program is a bespoke program between you and one of our experienced coaches.

Based on your goals, we create a tailor made program to help you achieve the success you’re striving for.

Our 1:1 coaching sessions can be delivered in person or online.

Our 6 week communication accelerator program is designed to help you develop your public speaking skills, develop unshakeable confidence, and become a top 1% communicator in your industry.

Here are the modules we cover over the 6 weeks:
Module 1: Preparing your mindset
Module 2: Connecting with the audience
Module 3: Finding your throughline
Module 4: Structuring your talk
Module 5: Narrating a story
Module 6: Managing nerves

This program can be delivered in person or online.

Over 70% of the U.K population have a fear of public speaking, so we’ve designed this masterclass specifically for those who would like to overcome that and become confident communicators.

In this course, we show you how to:

  • Build unshakeable confidence and find your voice.
  • How to own the stage and feel comfortable no matter the environment.
  • How to overcome nerves using scientifically proven techniques such as 7/11 Breathing.
  • Plus, get a checklist to help you prepare for any presentation going forward.

Ultimately, we want you to be able to communicate with confidence, charisma, and clarity.

This program can be delivered in person or online.

These courses are just a starting point. Our team are able to make changes to best suit your needs, or create a bespoke package entirely. We can also design 6 to 12 month packages for our clients.

In any case, we would love to hear from you to get to know your challenges and how we can help.

Whether you’re a young professional or a manager interested in our courses for your firm, reach out and we would love to have a chat.